Batch63: Rusted Rye IPA & 21st Amendment Girls Go Sour

Cheers beer lovers! The gentlemen were hooked up with some beer from a listener, so they're drinking Rusted Rye #IPA from Tin Roof Brewing Company. The 21st Amendment Girls have returned, and they've pitted up two sour beers against each other in an East Coast/West Coast battle.

Greg talks about his crazy weekend of concerts and #tailgating as well as crashing the Booze League's BoozeCast.

Dan reviews the new #movie "It", comparing it to the book, original movie and old miniseries.

In Sports news: Dan has a new article on Cleaning Up The Glass, Aaron Hernandez's fiancé is suing the NFL, a shakeup in the NBA, the Dodgers finally clinch, racist Manchester United fans and much more!

The Bullpen Beer is #Stone Brewing Company's Tangerine Express IPA.

A listener writes in to tell his awful experience with #pumpkin beer.

In Booze News: #BeerAdvocate completely changes their scoring system, Stone Brewing is going nationwide and releasing a seasonal favorite, beers for a good cause, and more.

The Beer Babe of the Week is Kyra, make sure to follow her on Instagram @craftbeer_barbie.

Old Timey Word of the Day: “Juice Joint”. Use it in a sentence on social medias for a shout out!

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The Unfiltered Gentlemen with Rusted Rye IPA from Tin Roof Brewing

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