Batch243: HenHouse's The Walrus is Paul, Hidden Springs The Upside Down & Eagle Park Brewing...

Cheers and musical beers! We're so excited for our friend Derek, aka flex_me_a_beer on the gram, to join us! There are some music-themed beers, we're planning St. Patrick's Day, Flex teaches us how to arm wrestle, and who knew pineapple upside-down cake could be so alienating?

Greg kicks off the hydration with a review of The Walrus is Paul, an IPA from HenHouse Brewing that is chock full of conspiracy.

It's been almost a year since everything shut down; we reflect on how that's changed our drinking habits (like not Ubering for a year). Flex talks about his short-lived arm wrestling career, and teaches us Californian's what a basement is. He also discusses working at a grocery store for St. Patrick's Day and tells us about a beer membership that every beer lover would want to join. Ally talks about her trip to Embolden Beer Co. in San Diego and researches some new beer. The crew discusses their plans for the greenest day of the year.

Flex reviews Eagle Park Brewing's Bowie's Space Suite: Nelson edition. A very juicy IPA featuring Nelson hops as the main event.

We have a new segment: Beer Faults and Adjuncts. It's everyone's chance to let us know what we did wrong. Greg corrects our info about Pyramid Brewing, and Flex gives them a call with bad news.

Ally reviews a dessert beer from Hidden Springs Ale Works, The Upside Down. This sparks a massive debate on pineapple upside-down cake. Do you like it? And should it be single-serve or made for many people?

In Booze News:

· Deschutes Brewery Acquires Neighboring Boneyard Beer in Bend, OR, but doesn't want their side hustle.

· AB launches Budweiser Select, a low cal low ABV version of the macro beer.

· Boston Beer ups the ABV game with the release of Truly Extra, an 8% hard seltzer.

· A drunk driver manages to blow over 9 times the legal limit.

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Cheers to Pompano Beach, FL, for being our top listening city for last week!

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