Batch242: Great Notion Triple Berry Shake, Epic Big Bad Baptist Double Chocolate Double Peanut...

Cheers and big fresh beers, tap heads! We're drinking some incredibly fresh beer, going out of town for beer research, and Ally's back behind the bar!

Greg kicks things off with a Triple Berry Shake review, a heavily fruited sour from Great Notion Brewing, packed with black currant, boysenberry, and Marionberry.

Ally talks about her big brew day at Stone's Liberty Station, where she brewed a collaboration with some of the fruit from her farm. She's also excited to be back behind the bar at Refuge Brewery, pouring flights for everyone! Greg talks about his trip up the coast, where he conducted some research at Three Stacks and a Rock Brewing, Libertine Brewing Company and There Does Not Exist. He also received the first shipment of the Firestone Walker Brewer's Reserve box (no thanks to FedEx).

Scott picks up some liquid dessert; he's drinking Big Bad Baptist Double Chocolate Double Peanut Butter from Epic Brewing.

Kris Savage, aka basicgirlbrewreview on Instagram, joins the show for Babes Supporting Babes.

Ally reveals a brand new beer that was just canned, Super Bloom Sour IPA from Harland Brewing Co. It's a collab beer she was a part of in honor of International Women's Day.

In Booze News:

• The Brewers Association Releases new 2021 Beer Style Guidelines.

• Study: 1/5 of young adults forget contraception as they're too drunk to remember.

• Platform Beer's Columbus Taproom staff all resigns, citing unsafe working conditions and black mold.

• Three drunk drivers all crash into each other on the highway.

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Cheers to Las Vegas, NV, for being our top listening city for last week!

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