Batch229: Refuge Brewery Walk the Dog DIPA & Santa Maria Mo-Tra IPA

Grab your leashes, tap heads, we're going for a stroll!

Greg starts things off with a review of Walk the Dog, a double IPA from Refuge Brewery sent up from everyone's favorite beertender Ally.

There's an update to #BurritoGate2020, and it doesn't involve tortillas! Also, Greg heads out to the desert for some camping, drinking, and avoiding meth-heads.

In Sports News:

•The Steelers and the Ravens keep getting postponed due to COVID.

•The Jets were dominated by the Dolphins, drop to 0-11.

•The Raiders call some interesting audibles.

•The Denver Broncos lose all their quarterbacks to the Rona.

•Mike Tyson gets stoned before his big "come back" fight.

•Warriors Klay Thompson tears Achilles on the other leg, out for another season.

•Dwight Howard signs with 76ers for minimum after Tweeting that he was returning to Lakers.

Scott reviews Mo-Tra, a blood orange IPA from Santa Maria Brewing Co.

In Booze News:

•2021's Pliny the Younger release to be online only.

•Miller Lite Will Give You Free Beer For Your Cancelled Holiday Party This Year.

•A drunk man punches a taxi driver in the face before dancing in the street.

Booze Quote of the Week: "We are born two drinks shy of happiness. Two drinks gets you to what feels like the natural starting line of life." -Gordon Keith.

Cheers to Sea Isle City, NJ, for being our top listening city for last week!

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