Batch225: Junkyard's Tag Team Partners, Culmination Dazzle Dance, M Special All Time, Kros Strain...

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Listen to The Unfiltered Gentlemen Batch 225: Junkyard's Tag Team Partners, Culmination Dazzle Dance, M Special All Time Farmhouse Saison, Kros Strain Fairy Nectar

Cheers and powerful beers, BROTHER!

Ally kicks things off with a review of what can only be described as the Mega Powers of beer; Junkyard Brewing's Tag Team Partners Sour IPA. It's a blueberry peach sour with lactose and a nice hop kick.

Greg talks about his Halloween hang-out and beer research that lasted until 4:00 AM. Dan discusses the importance of a Sunday morning breakfast burrito and the amazing michelada drive-thru run. Ally had another trip to Yuma, AZ, and got in trouble for putting up Unfiltered Gentlemen stickers in a brewery. Scott takes a trip to Modern Times in Santa Barbara and has lunch, but finds out the hard way (from Ally) that MT is entirely vegan.

Dan reviews a new one from Tavour, Fairy Nectar, an IPA from Kros Strain Brewing in Nebraska.

Greg provides an update on the plant-based menu from Modern Times.

In Sports News:

•The Tampa Bay Rays manager helps the Dodgers win.

•Justin Turner tests positive for COVID mid-game. Should he have been let back out? What's wrong with the testing?

•MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had a few too many before presenting the MVP award.

•Chicago Cubs free agent Jon Lester buys 3,466 beers (and counting) for Chicago this weekend.

•The New York Jets were 19.5 point dogs against Kansas City.

Scott picks up a beer from Santa Barbara and reviews All Time Special Farmhouse Saison from M Special Brewing Company. This leads to a discussion on farmhouse and Saison beers and the people that enjoy them.

Greg reviews Dazzle Dance, a New England Pale Ale from Culmination Brewing Company in Portland, OR.

In Booze News:

•Alumni of the Bruery launch a new brewery in Anaheim. Which, of course, brings up Disneyland; will it ever open up again?

•Molson Coors' Net Sales Decline 3.1% in quarter 3.

•Craft Beer and Brewing's Best in Beer Readers' Choice: Top 50 Beers of 2020. Don't worry, we only talk about the top 15.

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