Batch111: Summer Beer Reviews from Around the Globe

Cheers summer beer lovers! Before summer comes to an end, we wanted to review our favorite beers of summer 2018 and find out what some of our beer friends have been drinking. Scott brings in and reviews Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic Brewing, a classic west coast beer that has won tons of awards. Dan brings in Hazy Little Thing from Sierra Nevada, a hazy IPA that's been blowing up for the NorCal brewery. Greg is reviewing the simply named PALE, a delicious and extremely crushable Pale Ale from MadeWest brewing Brewing Company in Ventura, CA. We are also joined by a lot of our beer friends with reviews of what they're sipping on this summer. Dale (@itsthebeergirl) is reviewing Mangose, a refreshing sour from #Upcountry Brewing company in North Carolina. Coley Wyman (@ice_cole_beer_) from the #Booze Cast is reviewing Cali Creamin' from Mother Earth Brew Co, their very popular golden colored cream ale. The Booze League's Nick Wyman aka BDN is reviewing Twilight #Summer Ale from #Deschutes Brewery. This light summer beer is only available from June to September, so grab it while you can. Crafty Christina (@christinaxdawn) joins us to talk about a delicious Pale Ale from #Saranac Brewery in New York; an English style Pale Ale that goes best with summer, pool time, and bonfires. Our friend and home brewer James (@jam3s09) is keeping it very west coast with Scorpion Bowl from #Stone Brewing in San Diego. Crushable and hoppy, just how he likes it. Nicole from (@beautyandbeer) is drinking and reviewing Liquid Grove IPA from New Glory Brewery in Sacramento, CA. Amy and Josh from DamnitLeanne (@DamnitLeanne) in #Australia give us their cheeky review of #Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale. Corey and James from @805_Brews leave us their review of Rainbow Peaks #Hazy IPA from Ventura Coast Brewing. Deb from Flat Fish Brewing (@onehopmess) gives us her summertime review of #Firestone Walker's Easy Jack Session IPA. Shannon from Beer Harmony (@BeerHarmonyShow) shares her favorite summer beer, Stone Brewing's White Ghost #Berlinerweisse.

Thanks to everyone that sent in their summer beer review, make sure you go follow them on social media and check out everything they're drinking!

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