Batch 84: Farewell Firestone Pale 31, Presidential Porters and Boozeleague Invasion

Salute tap heads, on Batch 84 we're being joined by Wylie Withers, the Commissioner of the Booze League. The gentlemen are bidding farewell to a Firestone Walker favorite; Pale 31.

Nicole from is back and she's reviewing #Flatland Brewing Company out of Elk Grove, CA.

Greg talks about reaching the mountain of beer and drinking #Pliny the Younger and Wylie talks about his trip to the hipster bar to try #Hop Bullet.

Listener Patrick has a question for the guys and what beers to order at a bar.

Dan reviews the blockbuster hit Black Panther, did he drink to get through it or drink with it?

In Sports News: Dan talks about the good part of the All-Star game-the dunk contest, Nate Diaz sparks one up on TV, Red Stripe offers to buy a bobsled for the Jamaican bobsled team, Olympic wardrobe malfunctions and more.

Our Bullpen beer is in honor of George Washington, lover of porters, so we're drinking #Deschutes Black Butte Porter.

In Booze News: #Stone is suing #MillerCoors, San Diego breweries are brewing for charity, there is a tequila shortage, breweries nominated for the James Beard award and much more!

Our Beer Babe of the Week is Beck, make sure to follow her on Instagram

You can find Wylie and the BoozeLeague at and @boozeleague on all social media.

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The Unfiltered Gentlemen Review Firestone Walker Pale 31

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