Batch 69: Firestone Leo V Ursus: Inferos

69 Dudes! The gentlemen are back and are drinking/reviewing Firestone Walker Inferos, part of the Leo V Ursus series.

Greg had a sad tale to tell about rescuing a fallen beer.

In sports news: Tom Brady is getting his own line of Aston Martin, Josh Gordon talk about getting drunk before games, Lamar Odom is on his A game, Dodgers losing the World Series wasn’t the only bad news for Yasiel Puig, GSP returns to UFC and more.

A listener writes in to give us crap for our choice of beer the previous week.

For the bullpen beer, we go back to basic and try another pumpkin beer.

In Booze News: Samuel Adams has released a $200 beer, Clown Shoes brewing has been acquired, Full Sail loses their brewer, a man gets locked in a fridge and does what we all would do, Ballast Point releases a ridiculous commercial and more.

The Beer Babe of the Week is Sarah, make sure to follow her on Instagram @thatcraftbeerbitch.

Old Timey Word of the Day: “Slug-A-Bed”. Use it in a sentence on social medias for a shout out!

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The Unfiltered Gentlemen with Firestone Walker's Leo V Ursus: Inferos

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