Batch 57: Firestone & Beavertown's West Side Beavo & The Beer Girl Goes To Pisgah

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Cheers Tap Heads! #ItsTheBeerGirl is back and she's drinking (and reviewing) #Pisgah Brewing Company's #Pale Ale. The gentlemen are drinking Firestone Walker's Westside Beavo IPL.

Greg took a trip to beer heaven aka the #Firestone Walker brewery and talked about all the delicious beers he tried, as well as the tour he embarked on, and Scott has good news about his lost beer. There's also an all-new #Hack of the Week to make your bad beer good again.

A listener submits a long distance Tales from Uber.

Listener Elvia submits a beer review and sends the beer in to go along with it.

In sports news: Tim Tebow takes a pitch to the head, Ezekiel Elliot has been suspended 6 games, the Chargers are setting lows, Tiger Wood's drug report, LaVar Ball keeps embarrassing himself and more!

In Booze News: Funky Buddha was sold to #Constellation Brands, New Belgium acquires #Magnolia Brewing, a man finds a creature in his #Heineken, drinking beer makes you smarter and more creative, and much more.

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