Batch 51: Bell's Brewing & It's The Beer Girl

Cheers to the Fourth of July! Hope you're drinking along. The gentlemen are drinking the best brewery in America: #Bell's Brewing Smitten Golden Rye Pale Ale. #ItsTheBeerGirl drinks for America as she gives some history on and reviews Samuel Adams Boston #Lager.

For Crotch Talk: a listener has a grievance to share about the show, Greg went to a Drink Local event for LA Beer week and then had quite the beer-cation in San Diego.

In sports talk: The Ball family went wrestling, Phil Jackson made a ton of money, Paul George found a team, Jim Irsay tweets out hot pics, apparently, Pacquiao still fights, and much more.

In Booze News: the #Tequila industry is suing #Heineken, Portugal is researching beer, Happy Craft Beer Month to Oregon, Fourth of July grilling facts and more!

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The Unfiltered Gentlemen Review Bell's Brewing Smitten

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