Batch 45: Stone Enjoy By 5.29.17 & Battle of the Gose

Cheers beer lovers, grab a drink and join us! The gentlemen are drinking #Stone Enjoy By 5.29.17 with a full review of the Double IPA.

The 21st Amendment Girls are back and are pitting Union Craft Brewing's Old Pro against Avery Brewing's El Gose as they Exercise the 19th.

Greg went to the Surf N Suds beer festival and had a mini Unfiltered Gentlemen reunion, he also has some new #homebrew advice for everyone and Dan reviews 'Get Out' for everyone.

In sports news; Antonio Cromartie is a man-beast, Mike Vick is taking the field again, Cyborg is having charges pressed against her, Tim Tebow schools the minor leagues, NBA draft talk and more.

In #Booze News; Dogfish Head founder Sam Calamine wins a major award, Massachusetts assembles an alcohol task force, Firestone is releasing a new vintage of Stickee Monkee and more!

Beer Babe of the Week is Brianna Craig, make sure to follow her on Instagram @beermaste

Old Timey Word of the Week: “Mollycoddle”. Use it in a sentence on social medias for a shout out!

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