Batch 40: Founders Centennial IPA & Highland Brewing Company

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Cheers tap heads, it’s getting #hoppy with our beers of the week on Batch 40. Dale aka #ItsTheBeerGirl is back and she’s drinking #Highland Brewing Company’s #IPA and has a full review; spoiler alert, it’s sporting a 95 from She is also looking to give away some #Asheville beer!

The gentlemen are drinking and reviewing the #Centennial IPA from #Founders Brewing Company, and this one has an even better score than Highland.

In Crotch Talk, Dan takes the opportunity to discuss his trip to Las #Vegas and complain about his traveling companion. This leads to a very in-depth discussion on the working ladies of Vegas. We've also got some important booze hacks to keep your beer chilly!

In Booze News; Craft Beer growth is on the up and up, Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA is making a comeback, Avery Brewing is expanding, New Belgium is releasing a new Fat Tire and more.

Beer Babe of the Week is Ashley Ritchie, follow her on Instagram @ash_ritchie.

Old Timey Word of the Week: “Dalcop”. Use it in a sentence on our social medias for a shout out!

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