Batch 30: Champion Brewing Shower Beer & Mike Hess Solis IPA

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Bottoms up tap heads! This week It's The Beer Girl is giving us her review of Shower Beer from Champion Brewing. The gentlemen are drinking Mike Hess Brewing's Solis IPA from Greg's recent trip to San Diego; a full review of that as well. Elvia joins the show to give some DUI tips and how to avoid them-probably useful for at least a handful of our listeners. In Craft Beer news; Costco has a great cheap beer for everyone to try, big craft beer releases coming up in 2017, mistakes when introducing people to craft beer and much more. Dan has his movie review of Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead; a comedy horror about a mechanic trying to save his sister from a zombie apocalypse. Scott has a funny new Tales From Uber for the audience. And a way to win some fancy craft beer swag! Beer Babe of the Week is @brewgirl843 on Instagram, make sure and give her a follow.

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