Batch 256: Great Notion Blueberry Muffin, New Glory Gummy Worms & TG Hot Dog Time Machine

Listen to The Unfiltered Gentlemen Craft Beer Podcast Batch 256: Great Notion Blueberry Muffin, New Glory Gummy Worms & Toppling Goliath Hot Dog Time Machine

Ahoy, all you landlubbers and scallywags. The Saltiest Sailor of the unleavened seas, Erica, is hanging out with Flex and Greg. We're talking about getting drunk at our weddings (and awful speeches), losing friends at beer festivals, and the most valuable beer in the world.

Flex kicks off our hydration with Hot Dog Time Machine, a collaboration from Toppling Goliath and Hop Butcher for the World.

Erica shares some massive news about Neck Nosh being invited to a huge beer festival. The crew shares stories of getting too hydrated at beer festivals, and we find out a dark secret from Flex's past. He also shares all the research he did before the show started.

Greg reviews Blueberry Muffin, a fruited sour from Great Notion Brewing.

Lynne Weaver, the founder of Three Weavers Brewing, is buying back her brewery from CANarchy. Which beer brand is the most valuable in the world? Alcohol delivery sales are slowing down; let's all do our part! And a bride cancels her wedding after her husband shows up hamskied. The crew shares their wedding hydration stories, complete with awful speeches.

Old-Timey Word of the Week is Scotch Warming Pan. Don't get in front of that!

Cheers to Staunton, VA, for being our top listening city for last week!

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