Batch 254: Pure Project Super Beta & Hop Butcher Blazed Orange

Listen to The Unfiltered Gentlemen Craft Beer Podcast Batch 254: Pure Project Super Beta & Hop Butcher Blazed Orange

Welcome to Batch 254; Flex and Greg are being joined by our friend and beer nerd Deb. We've got some good news for beer shippers, tons of San Diego beer research, some positive fallout from women in beer sharing their stories, and where are the drunkest people?

Greg is drinking Super Beta, a hazy IPA with all New Zealand hops from Pure Project Brewing.

Deb talks about her essential taco research that she's been conducting with intern Brian. Flex does his research while getting work done. Greg went to San Diego for the weekend to check out some new beer spots.

Flex is reviewing Blazed Orange, an IPA with vanilla and orange from Hop Butcher For The World.

Modern Times founder Jacob McKean steps down as CEO after the fallout from all of the women coming forward with their stories of harassment and a toxic work environment.

We revisit the drunkest cities in the United States and the most bars per capita (Wisconsin is pretty popular). There is new legislation to allow the shipping of alcohol via USPS. Yuengling is now in Texas. And a married man wakes up to find a drunk woman performing a "sex act" on him.

Old-Timey Word of the Week is Natty Lads. Don't you hate dealing with them?

Cheers to Sacramento, CA, for being our top listening city for last week!

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