Batch 250: Moksa Brewing Berry Chaos, Vennture Brew Co Yous Two & Neck Nosh

The Unfiltered Gentlemen Craft Beer Podcast Batch 250 Moksa Brewing Berry Chaos, Vennture Brew Co Yous Two & Neck Nosh Pretzels

These pretzels are making me thirsty! Welcome to Batch 250, we're being joined by Erica Humphrey, owner of Neck Nosh pretzel necklaces, and she's sharing some of her delicious snacks and Sacramento beers! We're also talking about Craft Beer Week, "capsizing" from being too hydrated, blacking out and fighting a bouncer, and of course…pretzel fun facts!

Thanks to Erica, she and Greg are drinking Moksa Brewing's Berry Chaos, an Imperial Sour with strawberries, banana, pineapple, and vanilla.

We ask Erica and all of Instagram their thoughts on last week's spicy beer talk and find out what sort of trouble she got into when she was a teenager. Also, did you know police stations will provide you alcohol to test their equipment out?

Flex is drinking Yous Two, a Rye New England IPA from Vennture Brew Co in Milwaukee, WI.

American Craft Beer Week is May 10-16; are you ready to celebrate? Modern Times is launching smaller cans; do you prefer 12oz or 16oz? Natty Light is launching Naturday Frozen Icicles, just in case we haven't suffered enough! A drunk (not from Florida) man wrestles with a bouncer and shatters some windows.

Old-Timey Word of the Week is Capsize. Turns out Greg did some major capsizing; blood was involved.

Cheers to Los Angeles, CA, for being our top listening city for last week!

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