Batch 249: Two Roads Clementine Gose, Tarantula Hill In The Refrigerator, Oliphant Ant Ray Cow Pants

The Unfiltered Gentlemen Craft Beer Podcast Batch 249 Two Roads Clementine Gose, Tarantula Hill In The Refrigerator & Oliphant Brewing Ant Ray Cow Pants
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Cheers and spicy beers! We're excited to be joined by Deb and Flex, because drinking beers with friends is just better! The gang talks about being getting free crappy beer, getting in trouble for drinking underage, baseball and beer, and the need to be drunk before hitting the dance floor.

Flex kicks off the hydration with a review of Ant Ray Cow Pants (that's not a typo). It's a red ale from Oliphant Brewing with ginger, curry, and lime. This leads to a whole discussion on spicy beers and drain-pours. Do you like spicy beer?

Greg heads over to Enegren Brewing for their CJD fundraiser. Deb reminisces about drinking Enegren at Greg's wedding and how hydrated everyone got. Flex, on the other hand, did too much dancing at his wedding.

Firestone Walker, in a shocking move, acquires Cali-Squeeze, SLO Brew's fruited beer brand.

The San Diego Padres' Joe Musgrove threw the team's first no-hitter, and in return, he gets a lifetime supply of beer from Ballast Point. Deb has a fantasy baseball problem, and people are getting mad, but Flex had to give it up cold turkey. This brings up stadium beer prices; California vs. Wisconsin.

Greg is reviewing In The Refrigerator, a hazy double IPA collab from Tarantula Hill and Topa Topa. This beer was made to honor legendary Lakers announcer Chick Hearn.

Do you have a lazy dog? Busch Beer is looking to pay one lucky pooch $20,000 to be their Chief Taste Officer.

Deb is drinking Clementine Gose from Two Roads Brewing Company. This kettle sour was brewed in a tanker truck.

An underaged, drunk, naked guy trashes a hotel room before getting arrested. The crew talks about getting in trouble for drinking underage. Have you ever gotten busted?

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