Batch 246: Humble Sea Beer Science & Evil Twin It Was His Birthday And They Didn’t Even Care

Grab your lab coats; we're conducting some beer science! We're also talking about people crashing our weddings, learning about some hop profiles, getting silly on Seltzers, and going to Florida for free beer.

Ally kicks off our hydration with a review of Evil Twin Brewing's It Was His Birthday and They Didn't Even Care. A blue, sour IPA with flavors of melted cotton candy, birthday cake sugar floss, candied raspberries, and ice cream-soaked waffle cones.

A Florida couple offers free beer as a way to meet their neighbors. This leads to a discussion on free beer at parties, wedding crashers (in real life, not the movie), and trying to hook Dan up at Greg's wedding.

Busch Beer is giving away a free wedding to three couples, but free beer isn't included. This brings up the idea of renewing wedding vows and the idea that marriages should be structured like sports contracts, a seven-year deal with player options.

The United States Department of Justice dismisses any concerns over CBA's sale of Kona Hawaii to PV Brewing.

Greg is conducting Beer Science with two single hop beers from Humble Sea Brewing: Boatloads of Nelson and Boatloads of Riwaka.

Lookout San Francisco, Ballast Point is closing up shop in Chicago and moving to the bay area. This brings up an important question: are they craft (again)?

St. Patrick's Day beer sales aren't as bad as they could have been.

Anheuser-Busch and Patagonia settle their trademark case over Patagonia Brewing.

Karl Strauss is shipping their hard seltzer outside of California.

Cheers to Moorpark, CA, for being our top listening city for last week!

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