Batch 245: Societe Brewing Agreeable Folk IPA & Savagewood Brewing Pouring It Forward Raspberry Ale

Cheers and San Diego beers, tap heads! We're taking a trip to southern California for our beer reviews this week; Ally brews a Women's Day beer, Greg wakes up toasty from the weekend research, beerbabejess tells us about her collaboration beer, and Florida Man is back at it.

Greg starts things off with a review of Agreeable Folk, an IPA from Societe Brewing.

The sports world lost a legend today; cheers to Elgin Baylor. Greg talks about his wife's Women's Day collaboration brew at 14 Cannons and getting to help with quality control (and waking up still hydrated the next day). Ally brew's up a Mexican lager for her women's day collab, and she runs into some ID issues with people visiting her brewery.

Ally talks with @beerbabejess about her Women's Day collaboration brew with Savagewood Brewing: Pouring It Forward Raspberry Ale. It's also the beer that Ally is reviewing.

In Booze News:

· Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland will give the $.10 beer to people with the COVID vaccine.

· Mike Trout rewards a hero who sacrificed his beer to save a woman.

· A drunk beautician was kicked off her flight for refusing to wear a mask.

· A Florida man finds a drunks stranger watching TV on his couch.

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Cheers to Sacrament, CA, for being our top listening city for last week!

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