Batch 244: Drekker's PRRRTs These Days, Junkyard Brewing Little Sticky & Stone's Viking Space Probe

Sláinte and not-so-green beers, tap heads! We're ranting about Guinness, drinking some special release beers, drinking through daylight savings, and flying the friendly skies with an elevated BAC.

Greg starts things off with a review of PRRRTs These Days, a sour brewed with Sour Patch Kids from Drekker brewing.

It's Saint Patrick's Day, are you a fan of Guinness? We take a deep dive into why people love it so much. Greg and Ally talk about getting in trouble with the spouses for gettingtoo much beer. Ally goes to a new beer release, and Greg samples the Firestone Walker Brewer's Reserve (and then needs some Pozole the next morning).

Scott shows up with Viking Space Probe, a double IPA from Stone Brewing.

Ally is making a mess with her beer review; she's drinking Little Sticky, a smoothie sour loaded with marshmallow, strawberry, and peach from Junkyard Brewing.

In Booze News:

•Beale's Brewery releases "Your Manager is Bitch” after an email from a customer.

•The booziest MLB Parks in America.

•A drunk Alaska Airlines passenger faces a $250,000 fine for his in-flight behavior.

Our Old Timey Word of the Week: "Fussbudget." Use it on social media and tag us for a shout-out!

Cheers to Magdeburg, Germany, for being our top listening city for last week!

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