Batch 237: Firestone Walker Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA & Prairie Artisan Ales Key Lime Pie

Cheers and throwback beers! We've got an old favorite returning from the grave, fans need more controversy from #BurritoGate, women are drinking a lot, and Florida wants to get drunk and host the Olympics.

Ally kicks off the show with a review of Key Lime Pie, a fruited sour from Prairie Artisan Ales. And Greg has a can in the fridge, so he joins along in the research. It's like old times, drinking the same beer together.

A listener slides into our DMs to re-hash the Burrito-Gate scandal of 2020. The question remains, beans or no beans?

Greg talks about hanging out with the Radiant Beer crew for a beer tasting, found his old Super Nintendo, kegged his latest homebrew, and is cursing the name of some utility companies. Scott is sipping on Stone's Scorpion Bowl IPA and is jumping the line for a COVID vaccine.

In Sports News:

• Brady vs. Mahomes in the Super Bowl, in Tampa. Las Vegas is already picking sides.

• The Bills' Cole Beasley played 3 playoff games with a broken leg.

• Sad news once again in baseball, Hank Aaron passed away.

• The Cactus League asks MLB to delay spring training because of the COVID outbreak in Maricopa County.

• And Florida offers to have the Olympics if Tokyo backs out.

Greg brings an old favorite back from the grave, Firestone Walker's Wookey Jack Rye IPA. Over four years ago, we held a retirement party way back on Batch 18 for the original Wookey Jack.

In Booze News:

• American alcohol consumers are now more female than male.

• Yuengling is going to Texas in their first expansion with Molson Coors.

• Hard seltzer sales top $4.1 Billion in 2020, up 160.4%. They have Ally to thank.

• Natty Light creates the world's most expensive work of art.

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Cheers to Riverside, CA, for being our top listening city for last week!

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