Batch 233: Humble Sea/Other Brother's Foggy Bottom Brothers & Knee Deep/Kern River's Lupulin River

Cheers and a hoppy new years to everyone! In the spirit of coming together (virtually) for New Years', we're drinking some great collaboration beers, discussing Christmas décor, and trying to figure out why people think 2021 will be any better.

The first collaboration comes from Humble Sea Brewing and Other Brother Beer Company. They came together for Foggy Bottom Brothers, a double dry-hopped foggy IPA.

The gentlemen are starting off the year with a giveaway not to be missed. Greg talks about his Christmas cocktails, when the right time to take down your Christmas decorations is, and plans for NYE. We also talked about one of the biggest lessons we've all learned this year, and we can't figure out why people think 2021 will magically be better than 2020.

The next collab is from Knee Deep and Kern River Brewing, Lupulin River. These two IPA-centric breweries came together for a Double IPA that is full of hoppy goodness.

Friend of the show Jason, aka @ExceptionalGrogs, calls in and really throws Ally off her game. Why are Australian accents so amazing?

In Booze News:

•Hershey's demands payment from a small brewery over beer made with candy.

•The Top 10 vehicles most likely to be driven by drunk drivers.

•A Drunk driver slips out of handcuffs, steals cruiser, crashes.

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