Batch 231: Spanish Marie Brewery Ecto Cooler & Stone Brewing's Enjoy By 01.01.21 Unfiltered IPA

Cheers and tasteless, COVID beers!

Greg is kicking off the show with a review of the VERY anticipated Ecto Cooler from Spanish Marie Brewery. It's a green, sour ale that was conditioned with tangerines, oranges, and lemonade. It's childhood mixed with booze.

Ally is back! And she is talking all about what it's been like having COVID for the past few weeks. Spoiler alert; she's doing better, but she tells us all about how she caught it, how she's been dealing with it, and how it feels to have the plague. Greg gives the update on the work holiday Zoom party and how he got in trouble trying to break the internet.

In Sports News:

•Michael Jordan's The Grove XXIII golf course has a beer delivery drone.

•The Bulls waive Noah Vonleh after testing positive for COVID-19.

•The NBA season will start on December 22 and have 72 games.

•The Steelers lose 2 in a row after dominating the season.

Scott reviews a fresh one from Stone Brewing, Enjoy By 01.01.21 Unfiltered IPA.

Thanks to the new Wheel-O-Fun (please help us name that), we get a voicemail from Jason in Australia.

In Booze News:

•Other Half Brewing begins shipping via Tavour. Use code UNFILTERED to get $10 from your first purchase of $25.

•Societe Brewing to Move Distribution to Stone Distributing in California.

•Russia tells it's citizens' no drinking' for 2 months after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Cheers to Thousand Oaks, CA, for being our top listening city for last week!

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