Batch 228: Radiant Beer Company

Cheers and new beers, tap heads! We're very excited to welcome Andrew Bell, Jonas Nemura, and Cambria Griffith to the show. They are the team behind the brand new brewery in Anaheim, CA, Radiant Beer Company.

Andrew is the director of brewing and was the Innovation Manager at The Bruery. Jonas ran operations at The Bruery as well as Chapman Crafted. Cambria is the director of marketing and has worked with The Bruery, Offshoot, Golden Road, Figueroa Mountain, LA Beer Week, and more!

We talk about everything from opening a brewery (especially during a pandemic) to their favorite terms for being drunk.

Jonas talks about what it means to lead operations. In contrast, Andrew talks about the challenges of opening an already constructed brewery and the speed at which this project came together. We find out if they're crazy for opening during a pandemic. Cambria discusses the challenges of attracting people during difficult times. Andrew discloses (sort of) some of the collaborations he's working on, and they talk about how they'll stand out from other local breweries.

After some discussion, we find out that the last project that everyone worked on together was Offshoot Beer Co. It also gets revealed that Cambria is a level two certified cicerone.

We get down to the necessary details and find out what Andrew's focus will be when it comes to making beer.

Finally, we wrap things up with a round of Rapid Fire questions and find out that Cambria loves cheap beer and tacos but can't come up with a good word for being drunk, while both Jonas and Andrew are not a fan of macro say the least.

A huge thank you to the whole Radiant Beer crew. We're so excited to try their beer in (hopefully) just a few weeks. Make sure you check them out at and @radiantbeer on the main socials. Find them at 1566 W. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA.

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