Batch 220: Karl Strauss Big Barrel IIPA, Enegren Brewing Oktoberfest & Spanish Marie's Guava Guerra

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Cheers and autumn beers, everyone! You won't find any pumpkin beers over here.

Greg kicks October off with Oktoberfest, a traditional Bavarian Märzen style lager from one of the best lager makers on the planet, Enegren Brewing.

We get a few messages from listeners, the first about the fake crowd noise at football games, and the world's strongest beer discussed on Batch 219. Greg talks about his anniversary, full of making sushi and getting really hydrated on saki and whiskey. Ally talks about her brewery hopping weekend with friends from Instagram and does her homework on figuring out what "no yeet" means. Dan talks hooking up his screen room and getting a romantic couch for him and his buddies.

Scott talks about his hard to find Imperial IPA from Karl Strauss: Double Barrel.

In Sports Talk:

· The NBA finals are upon us; it'll be the Lakers vs. the Heat.

· Doc Rivers departs the Clippers.

· Outfielder Jay Johnstone dies at 74.

· Former wrestler Animal dies.

Dan reviews Stone Brewing's 24th Anniversary Didgeridoom Double IPA.

Ally brings in a beer from her crush Spanish Marie Brewing, Guava Guerra.

In Booze News:

· We found out what it took for AB InBev to acquire Craft Brew Alliance.

· Beer sales could decline by more than $20 billion by the end of the year.

· A secret man cave was found under Grand Central Station.

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