Batch 216: Buffalo Creek Brewing's Mike Marr

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Cheers and local beers, tap heads! We're thrilled to have Mike Marr joining us today; he's the owner and brewmeister at Buffalo Creek Brewing in Long Grove, IL. In addition to talking about the brewery, his background, and the beer industry, he also walks us through a tasting of some of their beers.

Before diving into more nerdy subjects, we learn about Mike as a beer drinker, growing up in upstate New York, and what his beer options were. We also find out about his nerdy day job before deciding to open up a brewery. We discuss brewing during COVID, the changes they've had to make, and what's in place to keep everyone safe.

We talk about what makes the Chicago area beer scene unique, the type of beers that Buffalo Creek specializes in, the new trend in craft beer, and brewery pet peeves.

The beers we sampled are Marrvelous, Red Headed Stepchild, and North Star. Marrvelous is a classic Kölsch that is a perfect beer all year round. Red Headed Stepchild is a traditional German blonde that has been infused with massive amounts of real strawberries. And North Star is a German-style Altbier that drinks like the combination of a Marzen and an ESB. They're also donating $1 of every pint to YouthBuild Lake County, a local non-profit organization.

A huge thank you to Mike Marr for spending time with us during a busy week of brewing. You can follow Buffalo Creek Brewing on Instagram and Facebook @buffalocreekbrewing and @buffalocrkbrew on Twitter. If you're in Long Grove, IL, head over to the brewery at 360 Historical Ln.

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