Batch 211: Refuge Brewery Call Box, Stable 12 Brewing's Light & Dark & Green Flash West Coast IPA

Cheers and all the beers, everyone!

Our beer friend forever Ally is back, and she's kicking things off with a crispy offering from Refuge Brewery; Call Box British Lager.

Greg talks about the Surf n Suds virtual beer fest he attended, playing with fire while drunk, and how the Gentlemen are blowing up in the U.K. Ally talks about hitting a brewery and getting to watch some live baseball. In contrast, Scott talks about shopping trends during COVID-19.

Scott reviews a classic West Coast IPA from Green Flash Brewing. We discover that it's so classic that it's been sitting on the shelf for at least a couple years.

In Sports News:

• Washington won't have a team name the season.

• Matt Prater is trying to get free beer for the city of Detroit.

• Seattle introduces the Kraken.

• Lou Williams won't be starting the Clippers.

• The Miami Marlins are sidelined due to an outbreak.

In honor of his birthday, Greg decides to conduct some Beer Science. He's comparing Light and Dark, a light stout and nitro porter from Stable 12 Brewing. He then breaks his own rules and cuvées the two for a delicious black and tan.

In Booze News:

• Firestone Walker to try a new line of 805 beers.

• SLO Brew is distributing nationwide.

• Beer sales top $1 billion for another week.

• A drunk Amish buggy driver was arrested.

• Two drunk men prank call 911.

• Thousands of whiskey bottles were lost in an accident.

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