Batch 208: Mumford Brewing Black is Beautiful, Modern Times Geodesic & Pizza Port Permanent Vacay

Cheers and post-holiday beers! We're back after a weekend of celebrating and hydrating to give you the latest in the craft beer world.

Dan brings a new one from Pizza Port Brewing, their Permanent Vacay IPA. A fitting name for the times we're in.

The gents talk about their 4th of July partying. Greg talks about watching Hamilton, and Scott talks about the crazy people that come into his "retail establishment." And everyone agrees that the poor dogs need a break from the fireworks.

Scott breaks out his beer to review, drinking Geodesic, and IPA from Modern Times Beer.

In Sports News: the Chiefs lockdown Patrick Mahomes, the NHL has a return date, and NBA teams shut down after COVID testing results.

Greg gets his hands on Mumford Brewing's Black is Beautiful collaboration with Weathered Souls Brewing. He throws out an offer to donate if people share their Black is Beautiful beers.

In Booze News: the founder of Alpine Brewing is ready to get back in the game, Allagash founder Rob Tod had COVID-19, hard seltzer consumption is down, England re-opens their bars, and a lot of drunk people are making news over the holiday weekend.

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Cheers to Mexico City for being our top listening city for last week!

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