Batch 206: Weathered Souls Brewing's Marcus Baskerville - Black is Beautiful

Cheers, craft beer community! We're incredibly excited to welcome Marcus Baskerville on the show, head brewer and co-founder of Weathered Souls Brewing in San Antonio, TX. We first learned of Marcus through the Black is Beautiful beer collaboration; he's the creator and recipe designer for the entire project.

Before we discuss the collaboration, we talk about Marcus's history as a beer drinker, and what sucked him into craft beer. We also find out how being super competitive led him to start brewing his own beer. After winning some awards for his home-brew and selling out local festivals, he left his bank job and signed on as an assistant brewer and learned what-not-to-do.

Turning to the Black is Beautiful beer collaboration, we talk about the inspiration behind the project: (as of June 23, 2020), over 800 breweries are signed on from all 50 US states and 14 countries. Marcus explains the importance of the message behind the beer and why the message needs to continue beyond a collaboration. He talks about his inspiration behind the project, and how he was able to get it up and public in so little time. And there's even a home-brew version that people can brew at home that was developed by champion home brewer Annie Johnson.

Turning to the craft beer community, we talk about how the San Antonio and Texas beer community has embraced Black is Beautiful. We also discuss how supportive the community has been throughout the pandemic, and how the brewery has had to pivot to keep up with the challenges from COVID-19.

We wrap up our conversation with a round of rapid-fire questions: brewer edition.

A huge thank you to Marcus Basketville for spending time with us during a busy week of promoting and brewing. You can find them at follow Weathered Souls Brewing on Instagram and Facebook @WeatheredSoulsBrewing and @weatheredsouls_ on Twitter. If you're in San Antonio, head over to the brewery at 606 Embassy Oaks #500 and have a pint!

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