Batch 189: Dust Bowl Brewing's Hops of Wrath & Hubbard's Cave V38 IPA

Cheers, beers, and experimental hops! Deb fills in for Dan, who is still out with the plague. We kick things off with Hops of Wrath, an old school IPA from Dust Bowl Brewing in California. The gang discusses what beers first got them into the craft beer scene and away from crappy beer. Greg talks about Marty the Brewpup and his surgery ordeal. joins the show to answer a listeners question about how to properly pack and ship beer. Our Bullpen Beer is V38 IPA from Hubbard's Cave, an IPA brewed with Strata & Mosaic hops. In Booze News: Future Proof Brewing sues Molson Coors over trademark infringement, Stone Cold's Broken Skull IPA is expanding distribution (OH HELL YEAH), Molson Coors sales were down in 2019, and Firestone Walker produced way more been than they expected to! Our Beer Babe of the Week is Helen, make sure you follow her on Instagram @beerlifehelen! Our Old Timey Word of the Week: "Sheriff's Hotel." Use it on social media and tag us for a shout out! Cheers to Van Nuys, CA, for being our top listening city for last week! Don't forget to check us out at and to follow us on our social medias for some exceptional beer shots:, @unfilteredgents on twitter, and TheUnfilteredGentlemen on Instagram! We want you to drunk dial us at (805) 538-BEER (2337), we'd love to hear from you! The Unfiltered Gentlemen Craft Beer Podcast.

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