Batch 188: Russian River Mind Circus & Resident Culture/Other Half Sleeping on the Blacktop

Cheers and "hazy" beer, everyone! Deb joins us to fill in for Dan. Our beer of the week comes from Northern California, it's Mind Circus "Hazy IPA" from the one and only Russian River Brewing Company. Thanks to our friend Fontana Jim for getting this to us.

Greg talks about all the beer research he did over the weekend (Enegren, Institution, Casa Agria & Seaward Brewing) as well as meeting up with listener Fontana Jim. Deb talks about her trip to Ladyface Alehouse for the tapping of Pliny the Younger. Scott discusses the insanity that is working on the night of Valentine's Day.

In Sports News: Kawhi Leonard is named the first Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo discusses his team's strategy, Isaiah Thomas showed up drunk to the All-Star game, Pete Alonso wants beer, Yu Darvish is upset with the Astros lack of punishment, and more.

Our Bullpen Beer was given to us by our friend Wendy (@brewpugsc on Instagram), it's Resident Culture Brewing and Other Half Brewing's Sleeping on the Blacktop Triple IPA. It's big, boozy, and full of hops.

In Booze News: the Coronavirus is affecting beer production, Brooklyn Brewery opens up in Japan, A-B's Labatt Acquires Banded Peak Brewing, the Busch family will star in their own reality show, and much more!

Our Beer Babe of the Week is Angela, make sure you follow her on Instagram @hops_and_waffles!

Our Old Timey Word of the Week: "Eternity Box." Use it on social media and tag us for a shout out!

Cheers to Denver, CO, for being our top listening city for last week!

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