Batch 183: Arrogant Consortia Enter Night Pilsner & Modern Time/Societe At Long Last

Are you ready to rock?! It's a day of collaborations! Our beer of the week comes to us from the Arrogant Consortia, a spin-off from Stone Brewing. Enter Night, a partnership between the Arrogant Consortia and Metallica, shows off all 45 IBUs and comes in very refreshing.

Greg talks about his brewery field trips, gives an update on his home depot situation, and talks about the amazing W00tstout vertical he was able to be a part of.

Dan reviews the second installment of Zombieland: Double Tap.

Mike, aka @sirfoodsavage, stops in to review Jelly King Daydream, a collaboration sour IPA from Bellwoods Brewing & Other Half Brewing.

Our Bullpen Beer is a collaboration from two San Diego powerhouses: Modern Times & Societe Brewing's At Long Last Imperial IPA.

In Booze News: Boulder Beer Co. is selling their taproom, New York is looking to double taxes on beer, Indiana may finally get some cold beer, politicians are driving drunk, and underaged buggy drivers arrested for drinking at the reins.

Our Beer Babe of the Week is Dev, make sure you follow her on Instagram @debsbeer!

Our Booze Quote of the Week comes to us by way of Johnny Carson.

Cheers to Wentworth Point, Australia, for being our top listening city for last week!

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