Batch 179: Stone Brewing's Xocoveza & Broujwerij West's Dig My Earth Hazy Double IPA

Cheers and holiday beers, everyone! We're kicking things off with a double IPA that everyone can dig, Dig My Earth is a hazy double from Broujwerij West that is big, bold, and full of dank!

Greg talks about awful company holiday parties, and who does the parties right. Dan talks about the expensive beer he bought to share and accidentally drank all of. stops in to give us a review of a beer she got from her Costco advent calendar and, spoiler alert, it's not great.

We finally ring in the holiday season with two of our favorite traditions; the first is the dropping of the yule log. The second is our bullpen beer: we're cracking open the 2019 edition of Stone's Xocoveza Imperial stout inspired by Mexican hot chocolate. It's just not the holidays without them.

In Booze News: the founder of Lost Abbey is opening a canned sour beer line, Coca-Cola is filing a trademark complaint against White Claw, beer sales are down for 2019, and more!

We also have the list of the best Christmas beers of 2019, how many of them have you had?

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Cheers to Washington, DC, for being our top listening city for last week!

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