Batch 177: Jagged Mountain Brewery's Alyssa Thorpe

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Cheers and craft beers, everyone! We are incredibly excited to be joined by Alyssa Thorpe, head brewer at Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, and known to many in the craft beer community as Southern Beer Girl on Instagram.

Alyssa talks to us about her history as a beer drinker, how she first got into home brewing, leaving her previous career to go to school and learn to brew, her first jobs in the beer industry, recipe creation, and much more. We also discuss her status as an "influencer" on social media and the pressure that comes with setting a good example, the need for diversity in the craft beer world, and going to Chile to speak about her craft. Alyssa talks about her inspiration for recipes, keeping up with the demand with a baseball stadium across the street, new trends in craft beer, and the lucky frat guys that got to sample her first brews.

In addition to learning about Alyssa and Jagged Mountain, she leads us on a guided tasting of some of her incredible beers: Sawatch IPA, This Beer Really Ties the Room Together, Big Red Rocks, and their Kolsch.

A huge thank you to Alyssa Thorpe for spending time with us in the middle of a busy week (and a day where she was brewing a collaboration with another brewery) and for sharing her beer with us. You can follow Alyssa on Instagram @SouthernBeerGirl. You can find Jagged Mountain at, @JaggedMountainCB on Instagram and Twitter, and @JaggedMountain on Facebook. If you're in Denver, head over to 1139 20th Street and have some beer for yourself!

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