Batch 167: Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA & SingleCut Beersmiths Softly Spoken Magic Words

Hoppy Hoppy, Joy Joy! Get ready for a hoppy fruit punch to the face with our beer of the week; Scorpion Bowl IPA from Stone Brewing. Greg breaks down all of the final wedding prep as we approach the big day for him and Shannon. It includes wrapping up loose ends but most importantly buying all the beer and wine. Our good friend drops in to give us a review of LUXURIOUS LUXURY VOLUME ONE, a collaboration from Evil Twin Brewing and The Veil Brewing Company. Scott shares a Tales from Uber; this one involves a nice guy sharing his weed, beer, and cigarettes with Scott and a homeless lady. Our Bullpen Beer is Softly Spoken Magic Spells from SingleCut Beersmiths; a hazy double IPA full of tropical and citrus hops. In Booze News: A Florida man steals beer in front of a clerk, MillerCoors is working on a "hard" cold brew coffee, Dark Horse Brewing is in more significant financial trouble than we thought, a girl reports her mom for DUI, a Tennessee man arrested for riding his horse drunk, a drunk Florida couple has sex in a police cruiser, and so much more! Make sure you follow our Beer Babe of the Week on Instagram @its_a_brewtiful_world! Our Old Timey Word of the Week: "Drop in the Eye." Use it on social media and tag us for a shout out! Cheers to Oxnard, CA, for being our top listening city for last week! Don't forget to check us out at and to follow us on our social medias for some great beer shots:, @unfilteredgents on twitter, and TheUnfilteredGentlemen on Instagram! We want you to drunk dial us at (805) 538-BEER (2337), we'd love to hear from you! The Unfiltered Gentlemen Craft Beer Podcast.

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