Batch 146: Craft Beer & Cupcakes w/ Enegren, Sierra Nevada & Common Roots

Cheers and beers to all the beer and sweets lovers alike! We’re being joined by Julia aka #mommybeerest for a very fun and unique craft beer and cupcake pairing. First up is #Enegren Brewing’s Simcoe Pilsner with a peanut butter #cupcake. Greg talks about his essential beer research while Julia talks about going a day without beer and Scott is angry with a local movie theatre. Our next pairing is Greg's home-brewed nut brown ale with praline french toast bread pudding. We also talk about some of the work that goes into making a bread pudding. Listener/friend of the show Deb calls in to correct Greg from a previous show. Dan reviews and tries not to spoil #Avengers: Endgame. We play our first drunk story for Fruhlingsfest, and this one includes locking yourself out of a hotel room. Sierra Nevada's Hop Bullet Double IPA gets paired with a brownie cupcake with German chocolate topping. Greg gives Julia the rapid-fire questions. In Booze News: Modern Times is selling shares of the brewery, Ballast Point is closing locations, a new Mexican lager brand is attracting big money, Mammoth Brewing to acquire Great Basin Brewing, Kona Brewing settles lawsuit over labels, 7-Eleven is getting craft taps, Del Hall loses a ton of weight on his beer diet, a drunk woman bites a man's fishing line, and more! Our final cupcake and beer pairings are Common Roots Brewing Company Coffee Cup Double Coffee Stout and a classic red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. We also learn about fake red velvet and why it's so gross.

Our Beer Babe of the Week is none other than Julia, follow her on Instagram @mommybeerest!

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