Batch 143: Enegren Brewing's Lightest One & Taxman Brewing’s 401 (CAKE)

Cheers and spring beers tap heads! After a great tournament, we're taking a break from IPA's and going in different directions. Our beer of the week comes to us from #Enegren Brewing Company; it's their Lightest One Helles #Lager. Light, refreshing, and just what we need after all of those IBUs. Fontana Jim calls in with an important question for everyone. Greg talks about his trip to #Firestone #Barrelworks and the lineup he researched, Dan has a grievance about the creepy guy at the bar, and Scott gets stalked at his new place. We also have a big announcement about an upcoming event as well as the look of The Unfiltered Gentlemen. Dan watched a classic movie and has a review of Deathwish for us. Our Bullpen Beer is #Taxman Brewing Company’s 401 (CAKE), a German chocolate cake inspired brown ale. In Booze News: a company launches ready to brew cocktails, the fasting growing breweries in America, Russian River's Pliny the Younger generates massive income for the economy, drunk shopping's impact, employees are getting hammered on the company's dime, and more!

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