Batch 142: Firestone Walker Mind Haze vs New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze

Cheers, tournament fans! Your brackets may be busted, but there are no losers in our March Madness Hazy IPA Tournament. In our championship round, the rookie Mind Haze from Firestone Walker takes on the tournament dark horse Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze from New Belgium. It's an extremely close battle to the bitter end. Greg talks about his trip to the Central Coast Craft Beer festival, Scott has some beer stolen from right underneath him, and Dan has an epiphany and questions his entire life after a bad beer and movie experience. In Sports News: Baseball has returned, another ridiculous attack at Dodger stadium, Zion gets eliminated, Andrew Bogut works out with beer, Keenan Allen trashes Le’Veon Bell and more! In Booze News: Fat Tire gets a makeover, Societe Brewing parts way with their brewer, MillerCoors sues Anheuser-Busch, Stone Brewing moves one step closer in their suit against MillerCoors, Nicholas Cage shows us why you don't get married drunk, and more.

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