Batch 115: Enegren Brewing's Oktoberfest & El Segundo Brewing's Cerveza Fresca Juicy IPA

Cheers tap heads! We're getting the polka music ready as we get ready for Oktoberfest! In celebration, our beer of the week is Oktoberfest from Enegren Brewing Company. We're being joined by our new friend Brian, who we let in the door because he had beer in hand. He also pours some good beer. Greg has some big news to share (hint: there are a ring and beer involved), he talks about pouring beer with Brian at the California Beer Festival, the guys discuss a new website, beating up on the Booze League in fantasy football, and more! We also have a big event coming up on October 6 at Enegren Brewing's Oktoberfest party. Our Bullpen Beer is provided by Brian, and we're drinking El Segundo Brewing Company's Cerveza Fresca Juicy IPA. Scott has a Tales from Uber about a rich guy who can't figure out where he wants to go (or eat). In Booze News: lots of craft breweries are brewing for charity, MillerCoors is laying off hundreds of positions, more beverage companies are investing in cannabis, the Falcons are getting cheap beer, and Uber passenger has to drive himself, and more! Our Beer Babe of the Week is Mary-Rose, make sure you give her a follow on Instagram @911beerme.

Old Timey Word of the Week: "Minikin”. Use it in a sentence on social medias for a shout out!

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