Beer of the Week

Kern River Brewing's River Buddy Pale Ale

Looking for a beer to do some floating with? Kern River Brewing's River Buddy Pale Ale is just that! The rye helps round out and balance this crisp, clean pale ale. Do not miss out on this summer treat! You can hear our full review of River Buddy on Batch 97.

Lord Hobo Brewing's Boom Sauce IPA

BOOM! Looking for something hoppy and delicious? Lord Hobo's Boom Sauce is just that! Tons of citrus and tropical fruit, this beer has made more than one appearance on The Unfiltered Gentlemen. Listen to our full review on Batch 97.

Stockyard Brewing's Oatmeal Stout

Stockyard Brewing's Oatmeal Stout is a Boozin' on a Budget find that will help fill that dark void when you can't afford to go for the fancy stuff. It has notes of chocolate and coffee and is only $1.00 per bottle, you can't go wrong. Listen to our full review on Batch 95.

Benchmark Brewing's Brown Ale

Are you looking for beer flavored beer? We always are. Benchmark Brewing is doing it right when it comes to beer flavored beer and their Brown Ale is no exception. It's great for taking with you on the go, whether that be on a boat, hike, or just your patio. It has a rich brown color with a carmel and biscuit like flavor profile. This beer is refreshing and appealing, it pairs wonderfully with gooey mac and cheese or a sharp cheddar. Listen to our entire review on Batch 95.

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA

Need something hazy but not too hazy? Well maybe we have something for you. On Batch 94 we're drinking and reviewing Sierra Nevada's Hazy Little Thing IPA. A nice mix of east and west coast. To hear the entire review listen to Batch 94.

Three Weavers Brewing Seafarer Kolsch

After a hoppy month of IPA tournaments, it was nice to welcome spring with a clean, light and crisp beer from Three Weavers Brewing. Seafarer is a crisp, pale Kolsch with a great malt bill to it that is easy to drink any time, whether at sea or on land. You can hear the full review by listening to Batch 92.

Mammoth Brewing Company Yosemite Pale Ale

Best enjoyed after a great hike, Mammoth Brewing Company's Yosemite Pale Ale is a classic pale ale with a piney citrus hop nose, a full malt body and a clean bitter finish. It's great on a hot day, or after a hard day of skiing as well. You can hear our full review by listening to Batch 91.

Firestone Walker Union Jack vs Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

After a controversy in the first round, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA moves on to the second round to face Firestone Walker's classic Union Jack IPA. You have to listen to Batch 90 to find out which classic IPA moves on to face Alesmith in the finals!

Bear Republic Racer 5 vs Alesmith IPA

In the second round of the 2018 March Madness IPA Tournament we saw Alesmith moving on from the first round to face Bear Republic's Racer 5 IPA. It was a tough battle but only one beer could move on. Listen to Batch 89 to find out who wins and moves on to the finals.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA vs New Belgium Voodoo Ranger

When Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA took on New Belgium's Voodoo Ranger it was nothing but controversy. You can listen to Batch 87 to hear the full reviews of the two hoppy beers as well as find out who moves on the 2018 March Madness IPA Tournament!

Alesmith IPA vs Stone IPA

Batch 86 marked the beginning of the 2018 March Madness IPA Tournament! In this first round challenge we had two San Diego classics; Stone IPA and Alesmith IPA. Listen to Batch 86 for full reviews of these hoppy staples, as well as to find out who moves on in the tournament!

Firestone Walker Pale 31

One of the beers that many people attribute their love of craft beer to, Firestone Walker's Pale 31. This was a farewell as much as it was a review as Firestone is discontinuing their beloved Pale Ale. You can listen to the stirring tribute and the review by the gentlemen and commissioner of the Booze League by clicking here.

Arcadia Ales Hopmouth Double IPA

With a big IBU and hop punch, this surprisingly balanced IPA from Arcadia Ales disappears quickly! Citrus on the nose, pine and dank hops on the tongue with a great mouthfeel, this is a double IPA that hop heads need to try. Listen to our entire review on Batch 83 here.

Toppling Goliath HOPSMACK Double IPA

Need to get smacked in the face with some hops? Then Toppling Goliath has you covered with HOPSMACK Double IPA. HOPSMACK has aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit jump from this enticingly complex double IPA. True to its name, this brew delivers a heavy smack of dry hops and a double dose of bitterness in the finish. You can hear the entire review on Batch 82, click here!

Drake's Brewing Company War Pigeon Double IPA

On Batch 81 we sampled one of Northern California's favorite breweries: Drake's Brewing Company. Their seasonal offering of War Pigeon was not a let down. This hoppy double IPA had notes of pineapple and tropical fruits.. Hazy and unfiltered in appearance, it supported a full mouthfeel with lots of big hop character and tropical fruit. For a full review, listen to Batch 81 here.

Eagle Rock Brewing Populist IPA

After a field-trip to Eagle Rock Brewing in Los Angeles, Greg brought back some of their Populist IPA to sample on the show. Topical fruit notes give way to flavors of grapefruit and pine, but the amazing balance brought on by the malt makes this an every day drinker. For the full review, make sure you listen to Batch 80!

Firestone Walker Wookey Jack vs Wookus

On Batch 78, we did some very important Beer Science with a Firestone Walker retired favorite, and a newcomer in their Leo V Ursus series. It was a battle of Wookey Jack Black IPA against Wookus, part of the Leo V Ursus series. It was a close battle but in the end only one dark IPA could win the battle. Make sure to listen to Batch 78 to find out who won, and let us know which beer is your favorite of the bunch here.

Beers to Cure That New Years Hangover

With New Years Eve behind us, we need some beers to break that hangover. On Batch 77 we're drinking and reviewing three perfect next morning beers to put down while showering the disgust off of you. Listen to Batch 77.

Beers to Toast with on New Years Eve

Ahead of New Years Eve, we've reviewed three beers that are great to toast with at midnight. Modern Times Fruitlands Gose, Anderson Valley's G&T Gose, and Boulevard Brewing's Collaboration 7. You can hear all three of these beers reviewed on Batch 76!

Anchor Brewing's Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2017

Just in time for Christmas, the gentlemen got to review Anchor Brewing Company's Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2017, an annual Christmas ale from Anchor. Smooth and creamy with flavors of cacao, toffee and roasted goodness, this one surprised the crew when they took a sip. You can hear the entire review by listening to Batch 75.

Conquista - Coronado Brewing & Cigar City Collaboration

Conquista showcases the new German hop Polaris, which lends a nice pineapple note and herbaceous quality to the IPA. It's an easy drinker that isn't too hoppy. For a full review, listen to Batch 74!

New Belgium Brewing Accumulation White IPA

On Batch 73 we drank a wintertime favorite in Accumulation, New Belgium's White IPA. Accumulation has a nice, bright hop aroma with a nice hoppy yet smooth flavor that goes down easy in the winter months. You can hear the full review by listening to Batch 73.

Sierra Nevada Brewing's Celebration Fresh Hop IPA 2017

Sierra Nevada released a great edition of their 2017 Celebration, a fresh hop IPA. It's always nice when a brewery releases a winter beer that isn't the typical dark, boozy offering. Celebration has intense citrus and pine aromas, is bold and with great hop flavor. You can hear our entire review by listening to Batch 72.

Campanology Brewing's Every Time Buche De Noel

On Batch 71 it was time to Booze on a Budget, this time with Campanology Brewing's Every Time Buche De Noel. You can pick this bad boy up at Trader Joes for the winter season. It's dark, thick and has great chocolate flavor. Make sure you a grab bottle before winter is over, and have a listen to Batch 71 for the full review.

Winter Stout Beer Sceince: Xocoveza vs Sunday Mole Stout

On Batch 70 we did some Beer Science with Stone Brewing's Xocoveza and Weyerbacher's Sunday Mole Stout. This was quite the battle, but the perfect spiciness and drinkability of Stone edged out Weyerbacher by just a hair. For the full review of both beers, make sure and listen to Batch 70!

Firestone Walker Leo V Ursus: Inferos

The next IPA to come out of the Firestone Walker Leo V Ursus series is Inferos, an Imperial Rye IPA. Inferos is a lively beer that will warm your soul with every sip; its hoppiness is nicely balanced out with all of the rye grain and that 8.2% sneaks up on you. A great afternoon beverage after a day at the office. For the full review, have a listen to Batch 69.

Stone Brewing Enjoy By 10.31.17

Happy Halloween! In honor of the day of ghosts and goblins, we enjoyed and reviewed Stone Brewing's Enjoy By 10.31.17. Smooth, hoppy, dank and definitely an easy drinker; this is a great way to enjoy Halloween. You can hear our entire review by listening to Batch 68.

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 001-007

Get out your lab coats, it's time for Beer Science! On Batch 67 we put the first 7 revolutions of Luponic Distortion against each other. Luponic Distortion is a revolving hop series from Firestone Walker, to find out the winner, listen to Batch 67.

Sierra Nevada & Garage Project Campout Porter

We went camping on Batch 66 with Sierra Nevada & Garage Project's collaboration for 2017 Beer Camp Across the World: Campout Porter with Vanilla and Honey. Campout Porter is a great dessert porter with notes of vanilla that allow this beer to pair so nicely with s'mores. For the full review, have a listen to Batch 66.

Second Chance Beer Company Tabula Rasa Toasted Porter

We continued the GABF medal winning beers on Batch 65 with Tabula Rasa, a toasted porter from Second Chance Beer Company in San Diego. Smooth, dark and full of chocolate and coffee notes, it makes sense why Tabula Rasa is a two time gold medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival. Listen to Batch 65 for the full review.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Hoppy Poppy IPA

On Batch 65 we had a theme of Great American Beer Festival medal winning beers. Our beer of the day was Hoppy Poppy IPA from Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company. Hoppy Poppy is floral, citrusy, and definitely hoppy and is a great any-time IPA. You can hear the full review by listening to Batch 65.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

This year, Sierra Nevada teamed up with Brauhaus Miltenberger from Germany to produce 2017's Oktoberfest. This is the classic example of an Oktoberfest beer, something you'd want to drink in the fall that goes down smooth and keeps you wanting more. If you like malt, this is your jam! For a full review of Oktoberfest, make sure you listen to Batch 64.

Tin Roof Brewing Rusted Rye IPA

Thanks to Dan's beer drinking homie, we were able to try Rusted Rye IPA from Tin Roof Brewing. It's clean and citrusy with a light bit of hop on the finish. The rye adds a nice little complexity to the IPA. For a full review of Rusted Rye, listen to Batch 63.

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion Revolution 006

On Batch 62, the gentlemen got their hands on Firestone Walker's Luponic Distortion 006. This release of the revolving hop series is bright, citrusy and crisp with a little bit of grapefruit on the back end. It's a very easy beer to drink. Listen to Batch 62 for a full review!

Firestone Walker Leo V Ursus: Adversus

Adversus is the second offering from the Leo V Ursus line that Firestone Walker is putting out, it is also our favorite beer of the summer. Great notes of tropical fruits and pineapple with matching flavor profile, backed up with a great mouthfeel that makes this all too easy to drink on a hot day. There's a reason it has a 95 on BeerAdvocate. For a full review, listen to Batch 60.

Tin Roof Brewing Company Juke Joint IPA

On Batch 59 the gentlemen were drinking Tin Roof Brewing Company's Juke Joint IPA.  The combination of Pilsner, Munich, and Carafoam malts creates a very clean and crisp drinkability with a nice mix of citrus from the hops. To hear the full review, listen to Batch 59.

Helix Brewing Company

On Batch 58, Greg was lucky enough to snag an interview with Cameron Ball, the owner and brewer of Helix Brewing Company in La Mesa (San Diego), CA. Cameron has a really interesting story to tell in that not only is he the owner, brewer and boss, but he also still has his day job that is not beer related in any way. Helix is also one of the more gorgeous breweries you will go to and they talk about how it got that way and how his day job helped with that.
Cameron walks Greg through a guided tasting of some of Helix's amazing beer (fun to listen to while drinking at Helix). They also talk about the craft beer industry, competition in San Diego, Cameron's brewing background, the struggles of opening and running an independent brewery, what the internet has done to beer, and so much more!

Pisgah Brewing Company's Pale Ale

One of It's The Beer Girl's favorite go-to beers and one that you will always find in her fridge is the Pale Ale from Pisgah Brewing Company. Not too heavy, but full and well balanced, it's everything you're looking for in a year round beer. For Dale's full review of this year round hero, listen to Batch 57.

Firestone Walker West Side Beavo

If you're looking for something light, hoppy and way too easy to crush, we've got the beer for you! On Batch 57 the gentlemen are drinking the Firestone Walker and Beavertown Brewing collaboration West Side Beavo. Clear golden beer with good foam, a hoppy aroma, a touch of honey in the flavor with hops to back it up. For a full review, listen to Batch 57.

UpCountry Brewing Bogey Free Session IPA

It's The Beer Girl is back on Batch 56 and she's drinking in the great out doors! She's drinking and reviewing UpCountry Brewing's Bogey Free Session IPA. Bogey Free is a very crushable IPA with Pacific Gem, Centennial and Chinook hops and hints of peppery citrus and tropical fruits. For a full review from It's The Beer Girl, listen to Batch 56.

Founders Brewing Co Dirty Bastard

Our bullpen beer for Batch 56, and the subject of some great beer science, was Founders' Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale. Dark, malty, caramel and very rich, this bad boy is so good you can drink it warm. Literally. Our Beer Science was a round of warm vs cold Dirty Bastard. If you want to know which temp is optimal or hear the full review of the Scotch Ale, listen to Batch 56.

Mad River Brewing Jamaica

On Batch 56, the gentlemen enjoyed Mad River Brewing's Jamaica Red Ale. With some aromatic hop characteristics and full-bodied caramel deliciousness, there's no question as to why it took a silver medal at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival. It also has a huge discrepancy between the BeerAdvocate score and the bros...86 and 97. To hear the full review, make sure you listen to Batch 56!

Benchmark Brewing Company

On Batch 55, Greg was lucky enough to track down the husband and wife duo behind one of our favorite San Diego breweries: Benchmark Brewing Company. It was one of the most fun interviews we've had on the show. We talked about their background, learning to brew at Alesmith, what each person's role is, how a married couple works so successfully together and also about what it took to become Great American Beer Festival judges. 

We also get in to why Matt left Alesmith to start a new business, the brewing industry in San Diego, the brewery bubble, the independent craft beer logo, hazy IPAs, Matt's collaboration with Stone, regrets in opening a brewery and so much more! There's even a round of listener questions.

Listen to the interview here!

Earth and Fire Brewing - April Fools White Coffee Stout

After a trip to Paso Robles, Greg brought back a growler of an amazing white coffee stout: Earth and Fire Brewing Company's April Fools. With a great mouth feel and amazing coffee flavor, this stout will fool you by it's look to make you think it's an ale, but it's not! For a full review of this very unique beer, have a listen to Batch 54!

Mammoth Brewing Company - Epic IPA

In honor of our one year anniversary, listener Eva got as the best anniversary gift: beer. So thanks to Eva, we're drinking Mammoth Brewing Company's Epic IPA. Epic IPA comes at you quick with some up-front hops but is able to achieve a balance of clean bitterness, smooth malt, and citrusy hops all rolled in to one tasty bottle. For a full review, listen to Batch 53.

Cigar City Brewing - Jai Alai Aged on White oak

On Batch 53, we were able to get our hands on Cigar City Brewing's Jai Alai Aged on White Oak. The original has great tropical fruit flavors and is a tasty IPA all around. The white oak adds smoothing notes of vanilla and slight hints of dill to the aroma and flavor profile. For a complete review, make sure you listen to Batch 53.

Leashless Brewing Company

On Batch 52 we interviewed John Gonzales of Leashless Brewing to discuss his brand new brewery! John is making some great beer with a focus on Belgian style beers and gluten reduced beers. And everything is certified organic. Listen to the interview and then make sure you check out Leashless the next time you're in the Ventura, CA area!

Bell's Brewery Smitten Golden Rye Pale Ale

For Batch 51 on July 4, the gentlemen are drinking America's favorite brewery: Bell's Brewery. Smitten, the Golden Rye Pale Ale has a great base from the rye malt with nice citrus from the hops. A great beer that's easy to drink on a hot day, it needs to see it's BeerAdvocate score go up a little more. For the full review, listen to Batch 51.

Batch 50 Fat Tire Drink Up

For Batch 50, we had a big Fat Tire drink up with a lot of reviews from the listeners and friends of the podcast. To hear all the reviews on this old classic, listen to Batch 50.

On Batch 49, Dan brought it one of Stone's many great offerings: Mocha IPA (91 on BeerAdvocate). Is it dessert? Is it a crusher? Is it a meal-time beer? It's all of the above. The Mocha IPA starts off with a little coffee, transitions to chocolate and finishes up with a citrusy-hop after taste. For a full review and breakdown, listen to Batch 49.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

The Gentlemen were finally able to get their hands on the illustrious Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA (89 on BeerAdvocate). This 120 IBU Imperial IPA packs a punch...a punch of booze! The 2017 release is 16.5%, and while boozy it helps to balance out the hops. Sip this bad boy slowly and you'll have a nice afternoon. Great sugar notes, very hoppy and ready to give you a nice buzz! Listen to the full review on Batch 48 (and listen to Dan get a little silly).