The Unfiltered Gentlemen

The Unfiltered Gentlemen: A Podcast About Beer, Sports, and Everything Else That is Best Served Ice Cold and Unfiltered.

Your hosts Greg, Scott and Dan are no strangers to the podcast scene. After years of podcasting about sports and other items near and dear to their hearts, the question was asked "why don't we talk about what we love most?" So here we are, talking about craft beer, beer and even cold beer. Don't worry, we talk about other things as well; sports, news and other topics that tickle our fancy. With the help of Dale aka It's The Beer Girl and a host of other friends and contributors, we're here to entertain you and make your podcast listening just a little bit better. And if you have anything to contribute, always feel free to contact us via social media or email, just go to the Contact Page.

So grab a tasty craft beer and have a listen, unless of course you're driving.

Cheers tap heads!

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An unfiltered podcast about craft beer: the liquid, the lifestyle, and everything in-between.

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